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As the coxswains’ squad goes into its third year, it begins an exciting period of development and growth.  As many senior coxes graduated last year, the squad enters a period of training and development with many new novice coxes starting. These new coxes have the opportunity to embrace the unique opportunities coxing affords, as they are able to integrate themselves across the club while having their own squad to support them. 


The Coxswains’ squad this year is looking ahead to a successful year of racing and competition, with a clear development plan for training senior, competitive coxes for the years to come. This will form the foundation of a strong racing squad to support the club this year, and in the future.

For enquiries please contact Andrew:

Captain: Andrew Knight 

"Discovering the role of the cox was a complete eye-opener for me. If you want to have the chance to challenge yourself; learn to become more decisive and develop the skills to manage and inspire a crew then coxing is for you."

Aims for the 2022/23 Season

  • Foster a sense of unity between coxes and their crews.

  • Increase the number of racing coxes to allow for more racing crews.

  • The development of a clear constructive program for Novice Coxes. 

  • End the academic year with all Novice Coxes progressing to Senior Coxes.

  • Create a cohesive, competitive squad ensuring cox development for future years.

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