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Think rowing might be for you? We're recruiting now. Join our senior squads if you have previous experience, our novice squads if you are wanting to learn, the coxswains squad to steer and lead our boats or YURow for recreational rowing.


We try to keep our memberships as low as possible and we strive to give our members value for money. Despite this we remain aware that money can be an issue for anyone and because of this, 2 years ago we implemented the accessibility  fund 

Accessibility Fund

Created in 2021, the Accessibility Fund is a key part of our mission to ensure that everyone who wishes to row has the opportunity to do so.

The Accessibility Fund covers the cost of memberships (Squad & British Rowing), race gear and formal tickets for four members of the club. Each application is reviewed by the newly established UYBC Funding Board. This consists of the Club President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the York Sport President.

Rowing is for Everyone.

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