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Senior Women

The Senior Women's squad are a consistent, high-performing squad within UYBC, with last year's SW 1st VIII+ being the fastest women's boat in the history of the club.

The SW have just completed one of their most successful seasons in years (two B Finals at BUCS), and a truly successful performance at Henley Women's Regatta, where top eight qualified 9th in the Colgan Foundation Cup.

Now, coming into a new academic year, we have some serious potential within the senior women's squad. The SW have the potential to field a 1st and 2nd VIII+ at a highly competitive standard, making them a force to be reckoned with on the Northern circuit.

Our aims for the year are consistent with progression and will be achieved by continuing to nurture the supportive, competitive and dedicated atmosphere that we as a squad are so proud of.


Captains: Emmy Church & Abigail Clubb 


"It has been a privilege coaching the UYBC women’s squad, who have developed into competitive and successful athletes.  Enjoying university life, rowing and making memories."
Andy Robertson - Women's Head Coach 


Achievements from the 2022/23 Season​

  • 3rd Place in the WeHoRR Challenge Academic Catagory

  • Colgan Foundation Cup Qualification at HWR

  • 1st place at Yorkshire Head

For enquiries please contact either Emmy or Abigail:
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