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A recent addition to UYBC, the York University Rowing squad inherits many aspects of the former Staff & Community branch. Their goals are larger, and its development more continuous with the clubs wider local aims. The name of the squad, and its phonetic "You Row" welcome everyone to join the wonderful sport.

The squads objectives are diverse, built around the principal aspect that students at UYBC love rowing and want to encourage as many people as possible to try it. To this end, we endeavour to provide the right setting for everyone to thrive: this extends from students who have experience rowing, to the members of the community who wish to discover the sport, as well as staff. While our recreational branch of the club, members of YURow often opt to compete in local competitions in York. 

Taster sessions for YURow run at the beginning of each term. If you realise that this is the sport you've been looking for, you can become a member and continue to learn with us in a relaxed manner. For more experienced rowers, you get the chance to enjoy outings in our different boats and be in an environment where you can improve and help others learn simultaneously. With opportunities to participate in local races for fun, everyone has a home in this squad. The frequency of our sessions allow for flexibility meaning fears of commitment and time-management are not an issue.

YURow is heterogeneous in its composition and is experiencing rapid growth, training multiple times a week at a separate time to our racing squads. This allows our Seniors and Coxswains to help us with their knowledge during our sessions by coaching and steering for us. This, together with the option to join their land training and socials, ensures that we participate in the friendly club atmosphere that can all appreciate. 

For enquiries please contact Ambroise:

For enquiries please contact Ambroise:

For enquiries please contact Ambroise:

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For 2023/24 enquiries please contact Sofia:

Captain: Sofia Palou

"YURow aims to provide an inclusive development environment to both University members and the wider community. Members of YURow can enjoy water sessions as well as optional land training sessions and local races.
As Captain, and a member for two years, I’ve found the friendly and accepting nature of YURow to be part of its success. 
For me, the beauty of YURow is its ability to allow progression at your own rate and I am passionate to continue this ethos. YURow's rapid expansion is a testament to its welcoming community and the use of experienced rowers from other squads as coaches."
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