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Our Story

Founded in 1963 the University of York Boat Club is housed on the River Ouse in Fulford, a mere 10 minutes from the campus itself. The club is comprised of five squads, four of which compete at various levels from local grassroot regattas to events including Henley Royal and Head of the River. It's community squad allows staff and students alike to row recreationally.


Our Ethos

Rowing is for Everyone.

Each member of the club is just as important as the other, our collectively supportive ethos is the basis of the club.


No matter what experience you have or whether you want to compete, we have a squad for you. At the club we pride ourselves on our range of squads, from Seniors who compete at national events, Novices who learn to row and aim to compete and YURow, our recently established community squad for recreational rowing.

There are no requirements for joining the club, only your enthusiasm for the sport.

Roses are White

One of the largest, most successful clubs at the University of York, UYBC was a founding member of the Roses competition against Lancaster. Initially a boat race between the two universities, it has since grown into the largest European inter-university competition.


The Social Scene

The club is not just about performance though and we have the largest active member base of any club at the university for a reason aside from sports.


The club comes together formally three times a year, hosting our Winter Formal which celebrates the start of the season and the current development squad. Our Annual Ball celebrates the achievements of the year both as a club and individual members. This includes an awards ceremony. Our final gathering is the Henley BBQ where current members and alumni alike come together to watch what is the biggest event of the rowing calendar. 


We're a very social club, holding weekly and often bi-weekly socials, and the Boat Club socials are famous for their excellence. Whether we're dressing up in Togas, as our favourite animal, or decked out in Neon, you can't miss us in Salvos on Sports Wednesdays.

A Club of Volunteers

Entirely run by students, every member of the club volunteers their time to further the clubs development.

All finances, fundraising, boat maintenance, transportation, organisation of sessions and coaching is time given freely by committee and members and volunteers

Our club would be nowhere without these people who work tirelessly and have done since 1963. Many of those who no longer train as an athlete stay involved with the club, as do many members of Jorvik B.C., our alumni group.


The amazing community spirit that pushes us to the top levels is rewarded in our successes in the highest levels of competition.

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