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2021-2022: SEASON IN FULL

The up-to-date information of how the 2021-2022 season is progressing. Complete with all events entered, hosted and won, our charity campaigns and our termly celebrations of everything we have achieved.

Henley Royal Regatta Qualifiers

 This year we had one crew attempting to qualify for the biggest national regatta in the country, the highlight of British rowing. The Senior Men’s 4+ comprising Florence Chadwick, Will Lock, Ben Newton, AJ Coates and David Casson took to the course with the ambition of securing a place in the draw of this year's Prince Albert Cup. This year, however, it would be harder than most with only two qualifying spots up for grabs.

Unfortunately this would be a step too far for a crew that was improving week by week. The boys rowed a good race, one they were proud of after coming off of the water. They will, undoubtedly, be back at the pinnacle of British rowing over the coming year. They and all members of the club would like to thank Rival Kit, Oarsport and Sean Potter for all their support in both encouraging and enabling our every endeavour as a club.

The results in full are as follows:


SM 1st IV+ S: W Lock                                                5th fastest non-qualifier Prince Albert Challenge Cup

3: A Coates                                                                                                    7:10.60

2: B Newton

B: D Casson

C: F Chadwick

17/06/2022 - 19/06/2022


Huge congratulations to all our athletes who raced at Henley Women’s Regatta. Great weekend of racing from both of our Women's squads - really proud of all the hard work everyone has put in all year.


Thank you to all the event organisers for an amazing weekend of racing.


Also, thank you to both our Senior Women’s Captain, Bennath Halse and our Novice Women’s Captain, Naoise Coakley for all their hard work and dedication this year.


Finally, a massive thank you to Andy Robertson for all the support on and off the water.


Results are as follows:

In the Colgan Foundation Cup

  • Our Senior Women’s 1st VIII+ qualified 9th and were knocked out in the heats by Newcastle University ‘A’

In the Frank V Harry Cup

  • Our Women’s Coxed Fours unfortunately did not qualify but the time trial results follow:

    • SW 1st VI+ - 28th

    • SW 2nd VI+ - 50th

    • NW VI+ - 42nd



To cap off the racing season for everyone aside from the PA hopefuls we raced on home turf at York Summer Regatta.

This event saw members from the SM, NM and YURow competing for the club.

Some great racing went on throughout the day with some great results coming back and two great victories from the Senior Men in the 4+ and 8+ categories with all crewmembers of the 4+ doubling up into the 8+. Thank you to York City Rowing Club for hosting us for a great day of racing!


The results in full are as follows:


SM 1st IV+ - Won Band 1 4+

SM 2nd IV+ - Knocked out in heats of Band 1 4+

SM 1x Will Lupton - 2nd Band 2 1x

SM 1x Sam Podmore - Knocked out in heats of band 2 1x

SM 1st 8+ - Won Op 8+ 

NM 4+ - Knocked out in heats of Band 2 4+

NM 1x Max Allen - Knocked out in semis of Band 2 1x

YURow 8+ - 2nd Mx 8+

YURow 2x - Knocked out in semis of Mas D/E 2x

Marlow Regatta

Marlow marks one of the biggest races of the British rowing calendar just a few weeks before Henley Royal Regatta. York decided to enter several crews into this year's event. The Senior Men’s 4+, the flagship boat of the squad, the Novice Men’s 8+ and Will Lupton in championship mens 1x.

In a competitive field the SM 4+ performed to a high standard in the time trials demonstrating their week on week improvements. In the final the boat raced hard from the start staying clear of both the Edinburgh A and B boat coming fourth overall.

The novice men had a very strong regatta performing well once again in the Beginner Academic category. After a good time trial result the boys took on the final and fought to the end securing a 2nd place closely losing out to Imperial by fractions of a second. The performances from the novice men this year speaks volumes to the quality of the program and the dedication of their coach, Hilary Howe.

Senior Man Will Lupton was the last to take to the water. His field was full of world class competitors ready to challenge for Diamond Sculls qualification the following week. That being said, Will had, at this point, sculled for a relatively limited period of time. Considering this, achieving a final at championship level was an immense achievement. Will came through his final in third place.

The results in full are as follows:


NM 1st VIII+ - 2nd Beginner Academic

SM 1st IV+ - 4th Academic 4+

SM 1x Will Lupton - 3rd E Final Championship 1x

11/06/2022 - 12/06/2022


Huge congratulations to all our athletes who raced at Durham Regatta. Thank you to the organisers of Durham regatta for hosting us.


​Special mention to the Novice Men 1st VIII+ for their performance in the intermediate  category and the Senior Women’s 1st VIII+ and 1st IV+ on their close second places.


Results are as follows:

  • SM 1st IV+ - 3rd

  • SM 2nd IV+ - Qualifiers

  • SM VIII+ - Qualifiers

  • SM Lwt 1x Will Lupton - 3rd

  • SW 1st VIII+ - 2nd

  • SW 1st IV+ - 2nd

  • SW 2nd IV+ - Qualifiers

  • NM 1st VIII+ - 2nd

  • NM 1st IV+ - Semi Final

Peterborough Jubilee Regatta

In spite of variable wet weather conditions UYBC athletes took on the ever more competitive Peterborough Jubilee Regatta.

The Senior Women entered two 8+ boats into their respective divisions with the Novice Women also entering an 8+ into the fold. The Senior Women 1st 8+ came 2nd in the A final. The SW 2nd 8+ and the NW 8+ finished 3rd and 4th respectively in the band 2 A final. Similarly there were three 4+ boats entered, two from the SW and one from the NW. The first 4+ came fourth place in the A final. The second 4+ landed in the B Final where they came second.

On the men’s side of the draw there were four 4+ crews in the mix, one from the SM and three from the NM. The SM 1st 4+ came a very close second only 0.4 seconds off of the winning position, while the NM crews were eliminated after the time trial. The senior men fielded a 2nd 4- Which came 3rd in the TT and then 4th in the final.

In the single sculls there were four entries from the SM: Ben Newton, Chris Heseltine, Will Lupton and Sam Podmore. Both Ben and Chris raced in band two with the former coming second and the latter tenth. The result of this was that Ben managed to attain an A Final whilst Chris unfortunately missed out. In the third band Will came third and Sam eighth therefore providing both of them with a final, A and B respectively. Will came third in his final and Sam won his.

The results in full are as follows:

SM 1st IV+ - 2nd Op 4+ Band 1

SM 2nd IV- - 4th Op 4- 

SM 2nd VIII+ - Eliminated after TT Op 8+ Band 1

NM 1st IV+ - Eliminated after TT Op 4+ Band 1

NM 2nd IV+ - Eliminated after TT Op 4+ Band 1

NM 3rd IV+ - Eliminated after TT Op 4+ Band 2

NM IVx- - Eliminated after TT Op 4x Band 2

NM 2x - Eliminated after TT Op 2x Band 2

SM 1x Ben Newton - 2nd Op 1x Band 2

SM 1x Chris Heseltine - Eliminated after TT Op 1x Band 2

SM 1x Sam Podmore - 1st B Final Op 1x Band 3

SM 1x Will Lupton - 3rd A Final Op 1x Band 3

SW 1st VIII+ - 2nd A Final W 8+ Band 1

SW 2nd VIII+ - 3rd A Final W 8+ Band 2

NW 1st 8+ - 4th A Final W 8+ Band 2

SW 1st IV+ - 4th A Final W 4+ Band 1

SW 2nd IV+ - 1st B Final W 4+ Band 1

NW 1st IV+ - DNS Final W 4+ Band 2

SW 2x - Eliminated after TT W 2x Band 1

Thank you to Peterborough City Rowing club for hosting us and organising another fantastic regatta.



Huge congratulations to all our athletes who raced at the Metropolitan Regatta.

Results are as follows:

  • SM 1st IV+ - 2nd, D Final

  • SM 1st IV- - 3rd, F Final

  • SW 1st VIII+ - 8th, C Final

  • SW 1st IV+ - 2nd, C Final

  • SW 2nd IV+ - 8th, B Final

  • NM 1st VIII+ -7th, I Final



Moving towards the end of May the Senior Men went down to Holme Pierrepont for Nottingham City Regatta.

The 1st 4+, 2nd 8+ and 3 single scullers raced some thrilling races over the day bringing home some good results.

Big congratulations are in order for the 1st 4+ as they raced to victory beating a strong City of Bristol crew. Thank you to Nottingham Rowing Club for hosting us.


The results in full are as follows:


SM 2nd VIII+ - 4th Op Band 3 8+

SM 1st IV+- Won Op Band 1 4+

SM 1x Will Lupton - 2nd OpLwt 1x

SM 1x Chris Heseltine - 5th OpLwt 1x

Sm 1x Ethan Snape - 11th Afternoon Op 1x

30/04/2022- 02/05/2022
BUCS Regatta

UYBC travelled to Holme Pierrepont for this year's installment of BUCS Regatta, with 17 crews racing we had plenty of racing to look forward to. 

A fantastic performance from the Novice men saw them race their way into the A final of the beginner mens 8+, and after a tough race they brought home a bronze medal which the squad and their captain should be immensely proud of. The Senior Women’s 2x comprising of captain Bennath Halse and Incoming captain Lily Wolfson came close to a BUCS medal themselves in a final that was tantalisingly close as they lost out to established sculling universities of Reading and Ediburgh.

The Senior Women’s 1st 8+ rowed gallantly, coming 9th overall, 3rd in their respective B final. Following the time-trial the 2nd 8+ found themselves in the E final which they won. The 3rd 8+ had never raced together as a crew before this event and despite a difficult time trial they were very happy with their performance.

Eight of the athletes in these crews then proceeded to double up and race in the 4+ as well for what would be another day of hard work and fatigue. The 1st 4+ won the D final and the 2nd 4+ didn’t achieve a final despite a solid and resilient row.

The Senior Men’s outing was spearheaded by a single from GB start athlete Ben Newton and two lightweight singles from Will Lupton and Sam Podmore. Ben, aiming to improve on last year's outing at BUCS regatta in his single, managed to achieve 10th position overall. Both Will Lupton and Sam Podmore had, at this point, not spent a long period of time training in singles, however, they went to Nottingham and made themselves proud making a C and E final respectively.

The SM 1st 4+ put in an admirable performance over the distance making a B final and finishing in 4th place. The 1st 8+ came second in the E final after a close battle with Imperial.

There were two Novice Men 4+ racing at BUCS. The 1st 4+ rowed admirably in the Genesis coming second in the B final. The second Novice Men 4+ came a very respectable fourth in the D final. With only a few weeks experience in the 1x NM Max Allen came 6th in the D final.

Last but not least the Novice Women entered two boats, an 8+ and a 4+. The 8+ placed well in the time trial qualifying for an A/B semi-final before being placed in the B final where they came 5th. The 4+ won the B final which was a great result for the squad and is a reflection of how strong they’ve been all year. 

The results in full are as follows:


  • SW 2x - 4th A Final WInt 2x

  • SW 1st IV+ - 1st D Final WInt 4+

  • SM 1x Ben Newton - 5th B Final MInt 1x

  • NW 1st VIII+ - 5th B Final WBeg 8+

  • NM 1st IV+ - 2nd B Final MBeg 4+

  • SM 1x Sam Podmore - 2nd E Final MIntLwt 1x

  • SM 1x Will Lupton - 6th C Final MIntLwt 1x

  • NM 2nd IV+ - 4th D Final MBeg 4+

  • SM 1st VIII+ -  2nd E Final MInt 8+

  • NW 1st IV+ - 1st B Final WBeg 4+

  • NM 1st VIII+ - 3rd A Final MBeg 8+

  • SM 1st IV+ - 4th B Final MInt 4+

  • SW 1st VIII+ - 3rd B Final WInt 8+

  • NM 1x Max Allen - 6th D Final MBeg 1x

  • SW 2nd VIII+ - 1st E Final WInt 8+

  • SW 3rd VIII+ - Eliminated after TT



Huge congratulations to all our athletes who raced at York Spring Regatta. Thank you to York City Rowing Club for organising a great event.


Special mention to Chris Heseltine and the Novice Women for their wins.

Results are as follows:

  • SM 1x Chris Heseltine - 1st

  • SM IV- - 2nd

  • NM IV+ - Semi Final

  • NW VIII+ - 1st

  • YuRow Mixed 2x - Semi Final

  • YuRow 4x- - Semi Final

Head of the River Race

This year the infamous 8’s head returned to the tideway for the first time since 2019. Three York 8’s were entered as we boated from our Barn Elms home for the day. Two of these boats were Senior Men and the latter this year's Novice Men.

The first boat of the day to depart along the 4 1⁄4 mile course was the senior men's first 8+ who fought against the bitter headwind to finish with a very respectable time of 19:53 to come 6th in the medium academic category.

The second and third York boats, rather remarkably, were set off one after another which set up a scintillating battle. The Novice men came 4th in the academic beginner category adding to their recently achieved 5th place at BUCS head.

The results in full are as follows:


  • SM 1st VIII - 120th Overall, 6th Medium Academic, 34th Overall Academic

  • SM 2nd VIII - 164th Overall, 23rd Medium Academic, 69th Overall Academic

  • NM 1st VIII - 165th Overall, 4th Beginner Academic, 24th Medium Academic

North of England Head

Three of our men's boats descended upon Chester to race on the Dee competing in three respective 8+ bands. The Senior Men's 8+ competed against the likes of Agecroft, Lancaster University, Liverpool University and Manchester University. The second 8+ had a respectable performance coming third in their band. The third of the York 8’s was an entry from some of this years Novice men who came second place in the fifth band of racing

Thank you to Royal Chester Rowing club for organising the event.

The results in full are as follows:


  • SM 1st VIII - 4th Op 8+ band 2 

  • SM 2nd VIII - 3rd Op 8+ band 4

  • NM VIII - 2nd Op 8+ band 5



Huge congratulations to all our athletes who raced at WEHORR. Thank you to Mortlake Anglian and Alpha for hosting us.

Results are as follows:

  • SW 1st VIII+ - 33rd Senior; 71st overall

  • SW 2nd VIII+ - 46th Senior; 207th overall

  • NW 1st VIII+ - 17th in Beginner Academic; 223rd overall

26/02/2022 - 27/02/2022


Huge congratulations to all our athletes who raced at BUCS Head. Thank you to Tyne United Rowing Club for hosting us.

Special mention to our Senior Women with two top 10 finishes and to our Novice Men and Women 1st VIII+’s for their top 10 finishes.


Results are as follows:

  • SM 1st VIII+ - 15th

  • SM 2nd VIII+ - 35th

  • SW 1st VIII+ - 7th

  • SW 1st IV+ - 5th

  • SW 2nd VIII+ - 20th

  • SW 2nd IV+ - 23rd

  • NM 1st VIII+ - 5th

  • NM 2nd VIII+ - 18th

  • NW 1st VIII+ - 9th

  • NW 2nd VIII+ - 15th



Huge congratulations to all our athletes who raced in South Yorkshire Head. Thank you to Doncaster Rowing Club for hosting us.

Special mention to our top VIII+'s across the squads for their clean sweep of in their respective categories. Also to the Senior IV's and SM 1X Ben Newton who conquered their categories. Great to see such large margins of victory at the beginning of Heads Season, as well as the Dev squads starting their racing career with such positive results!

Results are as follows:

  • SM 1st VIII+ - Won

  • SM 1st IV- - Won

  • SM 2nd VIII+ - Won

  • SM 1X Ben Newton - Won

  • SM 1X Chris Heseltine - 5th

  • SW 1st VIII+ - Won

  • SW 1st IV+ - Won

  • SW 2nd VIII+ - Won

  • SW 3rd VIII+ 3rd

  • NM 1st VIII+ - Won

  • NM 2nd VIII+ - 4th

  • NW 1st VIII+ - Won

  • NW 1st VIII+ - 3rd




It was wonderful to see such a great turnout at our Winter Formal, celebrating our first full in-person term of training since the pandemic began. We were delighted to officially celebrate with our newly selected Development Squad.

As always, thank you to our wonderful hostess SW Lucy Duncan for all her hard work organising and ensuring a flawless evening. Congratulations to all the winners of the club-voted "paper-plate" awards.

Thank you also to The Hilton York for hosting us and to SM Felix Wahlberg for the wonderful photography.



We are delighted to shared the results of our very own White Rose Head. Thank you to everyone who raced and our club members and coaches for running it. Thank you also to our alumni, Jorvik B.C. for their support. It was wonderful seeing you all again. 

Special mentions to SM AJ Coates and SM Luke Dyde for successfully pulling the event off for the first time since 2017. Also to SW Delphi Waring, SM Felix Wahlberg and SM Ben Newton for their photography.

Congratulations to our SM 1st VIII+ and SW 1st IVx- for their victories.

Results are as follows:

Men's Winners:

  • IV+ Sheffield Uni, Cramp.

  • IV- Sheffield Uni, Stacey.

  • IVx- York City Rowing Club, Orscov.

  • VIII+ York Uni, Lupton.

Women's Winners:

  • IV+ Sheffield Uni, Hertzog.

  • IVx- Leeds Uni, Abraham.

  • IVx- York Uni, Halse.

  • VIII+ Leeds Uni, Smith.

Novice Winners:

  • MIV+ Liverpool Uni, Barker.

  • WIV+ York St John, Lloyd-Owen.

  • MVIII+ Liverpool Uni, Barker.

  • WVIII+ Liverpool Uni, Taylor.




We are incredibly proud to have supported the 2021 Movember Campaign. The Senior and Novice Men, as well as male coxswains, participated in #growamo with many Senior and Novice Women participating in #makeamoveformo


We are delighted to announce that the club has more than doubled our target, raising a grand total of £4,202. We also beat our target distance completing 668km. This makes us the top fundraiser within our university. We are also the boat club that raised the most for Movember.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in fundraising for such a worthy cause, and everyone who donated and supported us.

A huge thank you to SM Aleksis Butler for organising our campaign, and congratulations for his well-deserved award Highly Commended Club Member of the Term by the York Sport Union in recognition of his contributions and hard work. 

Emer Bealin-Kelly, Club Member of the Year 2020-21, UYBC.
Intake of 2017, Senior Men, UYBC.



A celebration of an academic years worth of rowing, the 2021 Annual Ball was a bit different than most. Due to COVID-19 our usual spring gathering was postponed allowing us to kickstart the coming season as we mean to go on. We would like to thank The Principal Hotel, York for hosting us once more, the social secs of 2020-21 and 2021-22 who collaborated fantastically for this and to everyone old and new who travelled to celebrate with us. A huge thank you also to our outgoing committee who kept us training throughout the myriad of restrictions this past year.

Novice Woman of the Year - Tash Dhawn, Class of 2021.

Novice Man of the Year - George Berendji, Class of 2023.

Senior Woman of the Year - Frances Sealy, Class of 2022.

Senior Man of the Year - AJ Coates, Class of 2023.

Coxswain of the Year - Sophia Saragoudas, Class of 2022.

Club Member of the Year - Emer Bealin-Kelly, Class 0f 2021.



Huge congratulations to all our athletes who raced in the Doncaster Head. Thank you to Doncaster Rowing Club for hosting us.

Special mention to the Senior Men who made a clean sweep of the event in their respective categories. Also to the SW 1st VIII+ and SM 1X Ben Newton who conquered their categories by 3 minutes to victory.

Results are as follows:

  • SM 1st VIII+ - Won

  • SM 2nd VIII+ - Won

  • SM 1X Ben Newton - Won

  • SW 1st VIII+ - Won

  • SW 2nd VIII+ - 2nd

  • SW 1st IV+ - Won

  • SW 2nd IV+ - Won

  • SW 3rd IV- 2nd

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