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Jorvik Boat Club 

Jorvik BC is our alumni club , provides a social and racing club for all our former members. 


A Place to Race

Jorvik BC is an active racing club, and members are welcome to race under Jorvik anytime either in full Jorvik crews, composites, or singles. 

Keep an eye out for updates for news on our President's day for an opportiunty to race current UYBC crews

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A Place to Meet

Jorvik offers regular meetups and events both  with access to Jorvik and UYBC formals available with membership. There are also regular informal meetups in London, York and at races around the country 

Jorvik Boat Club exists and functions as a seperate entity to UYBC. Its committee is elected from the membership and includes a non-voting member of UYBC for the purpose of liason and collaboration, The full constitution can be viewed here

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